Medaille College Sports Complex is the next chapter in a long and storied legacy of Buffalo sports history. We’re proud to share it with the entire Western New York community—and all of those who visit.

About MCSC

Built for Buffalo.

A reinvention, a resurgence, a revitalization, or even a resurrection. Whatever you want to call it, the city of Buffalo is owning it. And now—with the opening of the Medaille College Sports Complex—we are proud to take part in the process. Together, we are rejuvenating the city we love.

Yes, our fields and banners bear the name of the Medaille Mavericks. Yes, we are the undisputed home of our college athletes. But make no mistakes: Our sports complex was built for all of Western New York to enjoy.

Day campers. Little leaguers. Bar league heroes. Our sports complex is for you! We’re excited to share these fields with every player, coach, and sports fan in our community—right here in the City of Good Neighbors.

Learn more about playing at Medaille College Sports Complex or you can click here if you’re just going to be visiting.

History in the Making.

This is Buffalo… What haven’t we seen? We’ve experienced breakthroughs, booms, and flashes of brilliance. We’ve bottomed out and we’ve watched it burn. We’ve rebuilt. From historic losses to epic comebacks—we’ve done it all. We’re still doing it, and we always will. Yeah, we were born in Buffalo. But we’re built for the world.

Elk Street – Buffalo, New York, USA

The Birth of a City
Seven years after the Erie Canal is built, a new wave of opportunity floods the banks of the Buffalo River. Manufacturing. Commerce. Growth. Fueled by industry, the village of Buffalo is incorporated as a city.
The Boom Continues
As industry thrives, new railroads are built en route to ports in Buffalo. The city soon becomes a global leader in grain production while establishing itself as a national hub for milling flour.
The Entrepreneur
Jacob Schoellkopf opens the Schoellkopf Aniline Dye & Chemical Company at Lee and Elk Streets in South Buffalo. It pioneers the production of colored dyes used for fabrics, leather, and paper.
The Merger
Schoellkopf Aniline & Chemical Company merges with five other industry-leading companies from across the country.  Together, they form National Aniline & Chemical Works.
The Consolidation
National Aniline & Chemical Works joins five other companies to form Allied Chemical Works (later known as AlliedSignal). All manufacturing is consolidated to Buffalo.
The Sell-Off
AlliedSignal sells its South Buffalo plant to Buffalo Color Corporation. At one point, every pair of blue jeans made in the United States is dyed with indigo born from the Buffalo River.
The End of an Era
Industry regulations are put into place. Competitors crop up overseas. As business challenges mount, Buffalo Color Company is forced to cease operations at its Buffalo-based facility.
The Big Cleanup
An environmental contracting company,  OSC Holdings, teams up with South Buffalo Development, LLC. They help former AlliedSignal (now Honeywell) prepare the property for redevelopment.
The New Beginning
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation determines that cleanup at the South Buffalo site is now complete. Community planning for revitalization begins.
The Big Deal
South Buffalo Development, LLC, partners with Medaille College to renovate the South Buffalo site. Ground is officially broken at the future location of the Medaille College Sports Complex.
The Opening
Phase 1 of the Medaille College Sports Complex project is complete! The grand opening features state-of-the-art training facilities and a multipurpose turf field. Phase 2 expansion is announced.
The Next Phase
Phase 2 of construction for the Medaille College Sports Complex begins. Soon, the facility will be expanded to include more than 100,000 square feet of the industry's most advanced athletic turf.
The Neighbor
OSC Holdings opens the redeveloped Powerhouse at Buffalo Color Park, a 22,000 square-foot entertainment and event complex located next to the Medaille College Sports Complex.
The Completion
Phase 2 of the Medaille College Sports Complex is complete! New additions feature softball and baseball diamonds, plus another multipurpose field for field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer.

Project Partners & Supporters

Medaille College  would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who helped make the Medaille College Sports Complex a reality. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the generous support of our partners and so many others. Thank you! 

Our Partners